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>> KSDC mourns the death of his Holiness Sri Shivakumar Mahaswamy of Siddaganga Mutt, Tumkur. Our Office remains Closed on 22nd Jan 2019 to mourne the death of swamiji.

>> Dear Practitioners, KSDC has launched a Android Mobile Application on 22nd October 2018. IOS application will be available shortly. Type "Karnataka State Dental Council" in google play store to download.

>> Dear Practitioner, KSDC is requesting not to prescribe any prohibited 328 Nos. of Fixed Dose Combination drugs. The list of the same can be downloaded from our website.

>> Based on the FIR lodged with Mico Layout Police Station by Ms. Sonam Mahajan about the Medical negligence by the Dentists working in M/s Sabka Dentist an enquiry was conducted by the Expert committee and came to the conclusion that there was negligence on the part of Dr. Akanksha Ranapatia, Dr. Sneha Gupta & Dr. Anatao Zita Vasco in treating the patient due to which she lost her pre molar tooth.

The Enquiry Committee took a unanimous decision to suspend the above mentioned Doctors from practicing for a period of six months as they were found guilty of committing professional negligence. The same was informed to Maharashtra State Dental council & Himachal Pradesh Dental Council as Dr. Anatao Zita Vasco & Dr. Akanksha Ranapatia registered their names accordingly in those Dental Councils.

The Sabka Dentist has been cautioned in the earlier counts regarding the complaints received by KSDC on its involvement in unethical practices. Public are cautioned about the same.

The above order was kept in abeyance as per the stay order dated 17-01-2018 by the judicial authority.

"The Appeal filed by the three Dentists under Appeal Nos. 17/2018, 18/2018 & 19/2018 before the appellate authority & Additional Chief Secretary to Government of Karnataka, Medical Education Department, Bangalore was dismissed and the order of the KSDC removing the names of the Appellants shall come into effect for a period of six months with effect from 7th May, 2018.

Again this decision kept in abeyance vide the writ petition filed with High Court Of Karnataka, Bangalore on 22nd May 2018.

>> We wish to inform you that EDC/Swiping machine facility is available for payments at KSDC office from 1st april 2017.Members are requested to avail this facility.

Dentist's Act 1948

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